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About Us

Rapid Fix Computers of Oklahoma City

Need Oklahoma City Computer Support? Then look no further than Rapid Fix Computers of Oklahoma City. We offer both drop-off and on-site PC repair services for Windows desktops and laptops. We serve Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Bethany and Moore. Rapid Fix Computers is owned and operated by Robert Timsah who has 15 years computer repair experience and has lived in Oklahoma City his entire life. He’s very easy to work with and will work with you to resolve your needs.

  • Virus Removal.
  • Network Setup or Troubleshooting.
  • Windows Repairs.
  • Printer Setup or Troubleshooting.
  • Computer Not Starting.
  • Data Migration.
  • Hardware Repair on Desktops.
  • Laptop Hard Drive Replacement.
  • E-Mail or Outlook Help.

Buy New Computer

If you’re in the market for a new computer and you’re located in Oklahoma City (OKC) then we can build you a brand new entry level, Windows 7 desktop PC for as low as $650. Every computer will be configured for you, easy to use, long lasting and run cool and quiet. They’ll come with their own Windows license and disc and we always use solid state drives in our builds. Solid State Drives (SSD’s) ensure a much faster overall computer and they’ll last forever, whereas old mechanical hard drives (Still in most desktops sold today) run hot, slow and will probably fail within about 3-7 years. That high-pitched whining sound is usually the hard drive you hear. Visit our new desktop PC page to learn more.

Virus and Malware?

The most common call I get is people getting popups and often reporting that their chosen search provider has been changed. I can help remedy this completely, as well as show you steps you can take to ensure this never happens again. I currently recommend Malwarebytes  as the best anti-malware solution. I highly recommend you purchase the full version to ensure maximum protection.