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Budget Office Computer

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Our computers will last a long time and be very fast. Programs will open almost instantly and the computer will be quiet and run cool, ensuring it’ll last a long time. Each and every computer has no bloatware and the computer will load directly into Windows. All Windows updates will be installed, along with all necessary drivers and programs.

Why Us?

  • We Setup Your New PC For You!
  • We Setup Anti-Virus, Malware!
  • Absolutely No Bloatware!
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10, you choose!
  • We Use Best Hardware!
  • Best Price For Performance!
  • Fast SSD’s In Every Computer!
  • Financing Available!

The Processor (Six-Core 3.5 GHz)

This processor is a great bang-for the buck right now and it’s what I use in my personal computer. The AMD FX 6-Core Processor, Unlocked, Black Edition. AMD’s next-generation architecture takes 6-core processing to a new level. Get up to 24% better frame rates in some of the most demanding games, at stunning resolutions. Get faster audio encoding so you can enjoy your music sooner. Go up to 4.1 GHz with aggressive cooling solutions from AMD.

The Storage (250GB Solid State Drive)

screenshot-www.newegg.com 2015-03-11 19-23-18Solid State Drives have no metal moving parts and they run very cool and virtually silent. They’ll last for (virtually) ever. They’re several times faster than mechanical hard drives so they greatly speed up the loading of both Windows and your applications like Word, Excel or Internet Explorer.  The drive we’ve paired with our budget system is the Samsung 850 Evo-Series 250 Gigabyte SSD. Samsung probably makes the fastest solid state drives and come with great and award-winning software to manage the drive with.

The Memory (8 GB’s Of DDR3 1600)

We will put 8 Gigs of fast DDR3 1600 from Crucial in this little beast. This will help the entire system and especially with video watching or very light gaming. The way the AMD Athlon 5350 works is, it works best with as much RAM as possible because it uses it for video rendering. Having the solid state drive will help speed up opening of applications and this amount of fast RAM will go a long way toward ensuring applications run smoothly.

Windows 10 64-bit (With Start Button!)

Windows-7-Home-PremiumYes, you’ll have a start button! You’ll have your own license and DVD and the license will be tied to the motherboard so you’ll have it for the life of the computer. If you need Windows 7 or 8 professional (to connect to a domain) then it’ll be $40 more, but it’s completely do-able.

Arctic CPU Coolerscreenshot-www.newegg.com 2015-03-11 19-29-51

I really try to make my desktops very quiet and long lasting. And it’s this desire which forces me to replace the stock CPU cooler with this one from arctic cooling. It’s very quiet, and cools very well. It also looks better and feel’s like it has more quality than the stock cooler AMD uses.

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