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Every plan below covers everything I need to get your computer up and running. The only thing the fee does not cover is hardware failure and replacement. For instance, if diagnostic suggests the hard drive needs to be replaced then the drive itself would be a separate fee. With business repairs the goal is to get done as fast as possible so you can get back to work and back to making money. It’s $50 an hour.

$69 Residential Drop-Off.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up 2-3 Days. Our most affordable plan. You drop your computer or laptop off at our location and pick-up when ready.

$99 Residential Drop-Off Express.

Drop-Off + Pick-Up 1-2 Days. Drop your computer off at our location and pick-up. Takes Priority over non-express residential drop-off.

$149 Residential On-Site Express.

Computer’s Fixed At Your Home. If you need someone to come out and fix what’s ailing your computer, then this plan is for you.

$50 Business On-Site Express.

$50 Per-Hour For Businesses. If you’re a business and need a tech to come to you, then this plan is best for you.

Can I Help You?

Here’s an overview of some of the things I may not be able to help you with. I don’t really repair physically broken laptops. Laptops with broken screens or hinges are not what I do. I can, however, typically replace a laptop hard drive. I don’t do local area network setup unless it’s wireless. I don’t run cables, nor do I punch holes. I don’t really repair Apple products, but can take a look at it and probably research your issue. I do not offer over-clocking support, nor will I overclock computers – this is more for enthusiasts and push your processor beyond their limits and can be risky.

Payment Options

We accept the following forms of payment and prefer payment be made immediately upon repair.

  • PayPal.
  • Credit.
  • Debit.
  • Cash.

Feel free to give Robert a call at 405-845-1807 to discuss.