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If you're having a PC problem then start by giving me a call and relaying the details of your issue. We'll have some basic questions to determine how we can best assist you and what we recommend. If you agree, we'll schedule a time for you to drop off the computer. I'll then text you the full address, and any additional instructions. That's it! You can pay via cash or credit card. In some cases money may be needed up front to purchase an external drive or solid state drive but we'll let you know. You will receive the receipt for this item. 



Virus Removal / Windows Reinstall


Per Computer

When I remove a virus/malware I tend to want to fully backup files and just reinstall Windows. Then copy old files back over. This ensures that not only do we get rid of any viruses but the computer will work like new when you get it back. No pre-pay needed for this.

No Hidden Fees

1 Day Return

Quick, affordable, simple.

Includes Data Migration

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Windows Reinstall + Drive Upgrade


Per Computer

Highly recommended. After this awesome service, you'll not only have a perfectly clean new Windows install but it'll be on a much faster solid state drive. This can really bring old machines back to life and make them faster than they ever were. Includes data backup along with the drive. Requires pre-payment but your computer will be running as fast as it can.

No Hidden Fees

Pre-Pay Required

Includes New Solid State Drive

Includes Data Migration

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Data Recovery


Per Drive

Data recovery (f the drive is still working) is possible. It's a time consuming process of rebuilding old files and exporting them to (typically) an external drive. The drive is included if needed. This can really save your bacon! Does require payment up front if I need the money for the drive. Expect 3 days to be completed. May take less.

Flat Fee

Pre-Pay Required

Includes Any Needed Drives

Allow for 3-5 days

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Location and Contact

Address (By Appointment Only)

6701 Whitehall Drive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73132



Mon-Sunday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

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Robert Timsah

I've been a PC Repair Technician since 2005. The focus of my work is on Windows laptops and desktops that are running slow, may have viruses or not loading properly. I no longer do on-site services anymore, but am ready for your drop-off. Just call to schedule. My goal is to get your computer back to you ASAP running as smoothly as possible!

Nationwide Remote Support

If your computer is online, anywhere in the United States - and you can login into Windows - chances are I can login to troubleshoot your issues. Download the software above in order to get setup for Remote support.

Call 405-845-1807 to get started.

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