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Windows Laptops and Desktops Only

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Curbside Drop Off


  • Windows Laptops and Desktops Only.

  • Minimal Contact.

  • You Drop Off and Pickup. 
  • Flat Fee Covers Windows Reinstall

  • Flat Fee Covers Data Migration.

  • Strive For Next Day Return.
  • Same Fee If Only Able To Save Files.
  • New Hardware Is Separate Fee.
  • Payment After Service Is Complete.

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Our Service

  • Rapid Fix Computer's repair service is intended to be a quick drop off and pickup for Oklahoma City. Our typical process is to save & backup your data, reinstall Windows, copy your old data back over and then fully update Windows and drivers. 
  • This process alone typically fixes most issues and the computer will run like new. 
  • We also, in light of Covid19, disinfect the outside of any laptops that come in after we work on them.
  • If, for whatever reason, our typical process won't work we may require additional hardware to complete the repair. We may also recommend just saving your data and not putting anymore money into an old PC. This happens quite often as it's just a reality. It may take hundreds to bring an old computer back to life, and that money is often better spent on a new one.


  • No On-Site Jobs. (Covid19 Liability)
  • No Physically broken ports.
  • No Cracked Screens.
  • No Physically Broken Laptops.
  • No Apple devices.
  • No Cell Phones or Tablets.
  • No Electronics or Motherboard Repair.

Location, Contact and Hours


By Appointment Only

6701 Whitehall Drive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73132



[email protected]


Mon-Sunday - 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Hours Can Be Flexible.

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Your Technician

Robert Timsah has lived in Oklahoma City his entire life. He graduated with a degree from Vatterott College in Computer and Networking Science in 2006. He's been working in computer repair since 2000. He specializes in repairing laptops & desktops with the intention that they run like new. It's not just about fixing your problem, it's about ensuring that you get your computer back running as flawlessly as it can.

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