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#1. Your New Website

Rapid Fix Computers of Oklahoma City recommends Vista print Digital Websites because they're easier to manage, look great, and have numerous other products you can order based off of the look of your website. We find that Vista print websites are easier to manage and thus allow you to focus more on content, rather than site upkeep.

High Converting Website

We only use VistaPrint's digital websites because it ensures a quality site that allows us to focus on content.


Online Booking + Billing

Online booking can greatly increase customers and reduce headaches.


Domain Email

[email protected] is very important for certain businesses to have.


Customer Management

Today's small businesses require business contacts to be accurate and accessible online and on your phone.


#2. Online Booking

We highly recommend vCita for local small to medium sized businesses who want to increase conversions. vCita has great booking software that can be accessed through the web or with their app for Android and iPhone. Using vCita's others tools are also recommended, again, depending on your business needs.

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Give potential customers the information they need to purchase from you. When they become a customer your next goal is to reduce any problems or confusions which slow jobs down, increase refunds and reduce revenue.

We seek to empower your business to make it more efficient and less of a mess.

#3. Client Management

vCita allows you to centralize your contact and client information. Within vCita (online or on cell phone) you can access contact details, support requests, track customer communications, bookings, billings, send reminders, emails and files. To make it even better, they have a wonderful mobile app for both iphone and Android to ensure you can manage from almost any device.

Pricing is a very situational and depends greatly upon your business needs and what you already have, and don't have setup. This is the only reason there's no open pricing. For some customers we can even do a deal based on a percentage of sales. This is why we have to have a consulting session to determine if our service will work for you and how we can help you.

#4. Free Consultation

Call Robert of Rapid Fix Computers @ 405-845-1807 in order to get started today. We'll just discuss your business, what you are looking to improve, your budget and how best to move forward. There's absolutely no pressure.

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